September 12, 2013


Now some of you may be thinking that I have forgotten my promise to continue these posts now that I am back, I have not forgotten that promise, I have just been quite busy. It is that time of year again, and the past few days have seen me moving into a new place - a pretty awesome place I may add - in Victoria. Before that there was work and friends, and just enjoying summer. Now that it is time to buckle down to studying, I will have lots of time to procrastinate!

I am writing this early in the morning on the 3rd of september. Looking out the window is making me kinda sad, because it seems that summer has forgotten that it is supposed to be hanging out in the northern hemisphere for a while longer. It is gray and rainy out there and actually really cold... As of yet I dont have internet, so it might not be today that I post this, but that is a-ok.

I cannot remember what I said about Brisbane, but I know I said something, so now I am going to move on to Melbourne. I flew to Melbourne on the 5th of July. I had a lovely day, home made cheese cake, and all sorts of lovely things. My flight out was at 9:30pm or something, so Gen (my friend from Brisbane) drove me out there for 8ish. As we walked in the door, my flight, a TigerAirways flight showed up on the screen as delayed...I checked in my bag, then the two of us sat for 20 mins or so until her free parking was about to run out.

We said our goodbyes and I headed through security into the airside terminal. The terminal in Brisbane is nothing too special, a pretty average terminal by all means. There is no free wifi which is annoying, so I read my book instead. Now, something you should know about Tiger. They have a terrible reputation. I had been told by several people just not to fly them. Period. No matter what. But I had not heeded that advice, mainly because for this particular flight, they cost about a third of the next cheapest airline.

There is a reason for that cheapness however as the next few, well, next several hours showed me. The check-in process was fine, friendly enough people, although, they still insisted the flight was on time. Boarding pass was like a receipt from a debit machine, kinda flimsy and easy to crumple. They dont have staff at the gate until about a minute before boarding, and then they disappear just as fast. This made asking them what was going on when they sent out the fligh before us impossible.

Pretty soon it became apparent that our flight was going to be really late. One of the other passengers looked online and saw that at our supposed departure time it still had not left Melbourne....meaning it had to fly up, turn, then fly us down again, two and a bit ish hours each way. The departure screens had no real info as they just said delayed, and as mentioned, there were no staff around at all.By 11:30, it was getting seriously annoying, but eventually, the flight landed, people were shoved off, and we were shoved on. I boarded through the rear stairs, and the first thing I did was step around a pile of vomit that had not been cleaned up.

Sitting down in the tiny seat was not very nice at all. It was certainly not a comfortable flight...It was also quite late, leaving a little bit after we were supposed to be arriving. Eventually we did land, not after they attempted to make people pay 4 dollars for a glass of water...By the time we were on the ground, it was almost 2am. I had been told by one of the fellow passengers that it was a long walk to the terminal, and I knew that it was going to be coldddd. It was bout 0 degrees C when we arrived, which after spending 5 months above 18 or so is really really cold. I had made sure to bring my scarf and toque and sweaters and jacket, but I was still a little bit chilly in the wind. It was indeed a long walk outside, about 500 meters actually, and the terminal was not really a terminal. It was a roof with a baggage carousel underneath and chain link fences all around...It was a cold wait for the bags, but luckily mine came out pretty soon.

Melbourne has no Train or easy city bus connections to the airport, certainly not at 2:30 in the morning, but there is an airporter bus which runs every 5 mins during the day and every 15 all through the night, which is awesome, and a hell of a lot cheaper than a taxi. It takes probably half an hour to get down into the CBD, and then you are dropped at the Southern Cross Station, the big railway station for countrylink trains.

By this time it is threeish, and really cold still. I had booked a hostel right close to the station, and it only took a few minutes to walk to it. Turns out the room I was in is right over a nightclub - called "Sorry Grandma" as I later found out - which is not a good place to try to sleep as it kinda feels like you are in a nightclub. I would swear the beds moved around with the bass.

Needless to say, I did not get much sleep, even when the club closed at about 5. I was out the door by 7, excited to explore a new city, one I have hear only amazing things about. It was a beautiful crisp clear blue sky morning, and the first place I headed was down to the Yarra River which kinda bisects the downtown.

The second picture is of a cafe built under a pedestrian bridge.

Ugh...I just looked outside and it is raining harder...

Good thing I have theis picture as my desktop and I am typing into a tiny notepad window so I can see it.

Any ways, back to Melbourne. I wandered for a while, had breaky at some little cafe before going back to my hostel to grab my bags. I was heading out to meet up with my friend Joey who I met in 2011 in the Canary Islands. He was working, but I dropped my bags off at his work and kept exploring the city through the power of free wifi and geocaching. For whatever reason I did not take to many pictures in Melbourne. I think I was to caught up in experiencing it. The sights sounds and smells are just intoxicating. I am not much of a person who likes cities, but Melbourne is a city I could not only live in if I had to, but I would willingly move there.

For those of you who know Vancouver, every street in Melbourne is like Denman Street in Vancouver, laden with options for food from around the whole world. There are buskers everywhere, artists, the music scene is incredible. I stayed with Joey for the next two nights, the first of which we went out to Brunswick St where all the good clubs are. We went to funk clubs with live bands, rock clubs with live bands, others I am not too clear on what type of music it was, but it was all live. The atmosphere was electric.

Melbourne is a city I really like.

Anyways, Enough of that gooey stuff. Back to the streets of Melbourne. On both that first day and the next, Joey and I met up for lunch. The first time we went to DeGraves St, this little alleyway of amazing little tiny tiny restaurants. I think we had some kinda noodles the first time, and we just kept eating and eating, they were so good. The coffee is amazing there too. Very much Italian style bars and cafes. So good! I am getting gooey again arnt I...

My friend Eloise had come down from Wollongong to Melbourne to see some friends, and we hung out as well. We walked around and looked at some of the graffiti Melbourne is known for. To explain that I need to talk about the alleyways the city is also known for. You know in cities, there are little gaps between the buildings that kinda lead to dark dingy dead ends that most people dont venture down because the feel attached to their spleens and other organs? Well in Melbourne, none of those are dark and dingy. They are lined with restaurants and galleries and boutiques, and as I am about to get to, graffiti.

I think that is good for right now, because I am hungry. I am gonna go make some yummy fried eggs. I like to chop up tomatoes, and onion and green onions and capsicum and basil and cheese and anything else, and chuck it on there while they are frying and have them with yummy.

September 11, 2013


Hi there! I know I have promised more posts, and they are there! I have just not had internet at my new place until today! We had it but it went all skrewy, I promise there will be one up by tomorrow morning!

September 06, 2013

Have No Fear!

Have no fear! I actually have been writing posts, I just have not had internet! I will put up a post for sure tonight!! I wrote it a few days ago, it is about the lovely city of Melbourne.

August 25, 2013

August 13, 2013

Brisbane on the Bend

I promised I would write more posts, and so, here is the first.

Taking a look back, it seems that I talked about Byron and the Whitsundays, so the next stop on our journey is Brisbane. I was in Brisbane for a bit less than 24 hours on my way up to Cairns, but most of that was at night, and most of that night was in a nightclub on Valentines Day, so I kinda feel like this was my first real visit to the city.

Three nights is how long this visit was, and none of it was spent in nightclubs. I was once again staying with my friend Gen, who I met in London over new years. Thank you so much for your hospitality!

She lives quite near to the city, so it was the perfect place to explore from. Her family is very, very into board games, which is awesome because so often people just argue and then never plays them.

One of the days I was there, I went for an early walk by myself to find a bunch of geocaches, then met up with Gen and we walked to the CBD. Brisbane is very much a working city, but that by no means makes it not a nice city to walk around. The city is set along a meandering river, on the inside of a meander is the downtown. There are lots of parks and gardens.

Now, that actually happens to be the only daytime picture I took of Brisbane with my camera, because A, it ran out of battery, and B, it was on the fritz a bit. Did take some pictures with my cell-phone though.

 Pretty nice place. Those cliffs in the second to last photo, just across the river from the center are a rock climbing heaven.

One night, we went on a river cat ferry, and it was spectacular.

Then walking around town afterwards was also pretty nice.

There is a little taste of Brisbane! More to come.

July 27, 2013

Getting Back to Normality

Have faith! I have not abandoned you! I have simply been settling in to life back in the Comox Valley. I have been running around doing things all the time, like haying, refurbishing outdoor furniture, and building a small set of stairs just 13 years after we built the deck they lead down from. I will transfer photos from my little laptop to my desktop this weekend, and that will let me write posts in a lot more comfort, so hang on just a little longer!

In the mean time, here are some pictures from my goings on.

Haying. First of many loads of 150ish bales of hay, each of which weighs about 50 pounds.



Goose Spit.

I have been taking pictures with my camera as well rather than just my cell, but I will do those later as well.

July 15, 2013

See Ya Later Australia!

This will be my last post from Australia! I am all checked in, flight is in less than an hour and a half, all is looking good.

It has been an amazing time these past months, and watch out Australia, I will be back as soon as I can!!

Thanks to all the amazing people that made this trip possible, both here and back home. Thanks to all those who put me up and fed me!

I will miss this great land, and I hope to explore much more of it soon!!!

I also miss the beach in the picture above....

Thanks to all! And keep checking back as I have many more stories to tell!!

July 11, 2013

Hasta la Vista Melbourne!

Sitting in the airport now...Bye Bye Melbourne! I will be back, you can count on it! I have had a truly amazing time here in this city and around it, and it is certainly high up on my list of places to return to. I now fly to Sydney for about 4 days, then start the journey across the Pacific. I will try to do some posts while I am in Sydney, but failing that, I will do them when I get home! I have not forgotten that I still have some posts to do from Switzerland and down south of Sydney!

July 05, 2013

Bye Bye Land of the Queen

Today is, sadly, my last day in Queensland...But tonight I fly to Melbourne, so not all is lost! I will put up a proper post when I get some good internet!

July 01, 2013


I totally forgot to do a post about Whitsunday Island and its spectacular Whitehaven Beach!

On my last full day in Airlie Beach I went on a trip out to the islands. I went out with Ocean Rafting, as I had been told it was one of the best and one of the cheapest. They operate fast zodiacs out amongst the islands. When I say fast I mean almost 30 kts!

We left at about ten, and after a short stop on Daydream Island we powered out to Whitsunday Island. We disembarked in Tongue Inlet for a walk up to the lookout over Whitehaven Beach.

The water was crystal clear, the sun hot, the sky blue, the company fun. It was a great day. I sat on the yellow inflatable bit for most of the ride. They have little straps you  can hang onto. Quite fun!

We walked up to the viewpoint for the extraordinary view of the extraordinary beach.

This is what we saw.

At low tide, that whole inlet dries out, and the swirling sandbars surface out of the sea. It is a pretty spectacular view that was worth the trip out just to see!

We descended to the tongue of sand you see on the left of the picture for lunch and a hang out. For scale, that was probably almost a kilometer long from the base around the corner!

We descended to the pure white sand beach. It is almost pure silica which is what gives it it's unique color and texture. Also strange is the fact that it doesnt even get warm even in the hot sun!

Here are a variety of views from the couple hours on the beach we had.

It is an amazing place, and if anyone ever even considers going to the Whitsundays and not seeing this, they are crazy people.

We left the beach after a sumptuous lunch and headed to the north end of Hook Island for some snorkeling. I only went in at the first of the two sites, as it was freezing cold for me, and I have seen a substantial amount of fishies up in Cairns.

I did see some really cool fish I had never seen before, notably several massive Maori Wrasse. Search it on google images.

After that we rode back, a nice relaxing ride under the dimming rays of the late afternoon sun.

Airlie Beach looked nice on the way back in.

That was my amazing day out in the islands. It was pretty spectacular, and I highly recommend it!