March 14, 2013

A Post!

This is my beach. This is where I come to sit in the mornings. Looking down the beach to where it starts to curve is Palm Cove. I suggest a google image search of that.

I know I said that I would work on some more posts, but I have yet to do so as you can probably tell. I have been busy geocaching. I have gone out every day for the past week, and on tuesday I hit 100 caches. I did it with pretty tricky puzzle cache.

That same day actually, I went on a bit of an adventure with my geomorphology class. My practical group went out to get some soil samples for doing our reports. Instead of just walking out and grabbing any old dirt, we drove a ways south of Cairns to Gordonvale and collected samples from a couple of cane fields.

It was a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun with the mattock, just digging holes randomly. Right after getting back I went out and played ultimate frisbee with the uni's club. It is a lot of fun, but man oh man is it a lot more running than I have done in a long time! We play again today.

I will try to do some more in the way of posts from earlier in the trip, but they might just end up being photo montages. The main issue is that I do not have internet at home, I have to come to school to use it, and when I do that I don't want to sit there and write.

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