August 25, 2013

August 13, 2013

Brisbane on the Bend

I promised I would write more posts, and so, here is the first.

Taking a look back, it seems that I talked about Byron and the Whitsundays, so the next stop on our journey is Brisbane. I was in Brisbane for a bit less than 24 hours on my way up to Cairns, but most of that was at night, and most of that night was in a nightclub on Valentines Day, so I kinda feel like this was my first real visit to the city.

Three nights is how long this visit was, and none of it was spent in nightclubs. I was once again staying with my friend Gen, who I met in London over new years. Thank you so much for your hospitality!

She lives quite near to the city, so it was the perfect place to explore from. Her family is very, very into board games, which is awesome because so often people just argue and then never plays them.

One of the days I was there, I went for an early walk by myself to find a bunch of geocaches, then met up with Gen and we walked to the CBD. Brisbane is very much a working city, but that by no means makes it not a nice city to walk around. The city is set along a meandering river, on the inside of a meander is the downtown. There are lots of parks and gardens.

Now, that actually happens to be the only daytime picture I took of Brisbane with my camera, because A, it ran out of battery, and B, it was on the fritz a bit. Did take some pictures with my cell-phone though.

 Pretty nice place. Those cliffs in the second to last photo, just across the river from the center are a rock climbing heaven.

One night, we went on a river cat ferry, and it was spectacular.

Then walking around town afterwards was also pretty nice.

There is a little taste of Brisbane! More to come.