May 21, 2013

Day Two - The Beginnings

Day two began early at the Fletcher Creek campsite. It began with this beautiful sunrise.

I actually slept pretty well. It did get a little chilly, but nothing a light sweater could not shake off.

The kitchen tent with food being readied.

Sitting around the remnants of the campfire in the morning, the caravans of the grey nomads in the background.

The first stop of the day was Hann Creek, just a little way down the road back towards Charters Towers. Like most of the creeks and rivers around here, floodwater volumes can be immense. In this case, about 5 meters above the bridge.

We pulled off on the side of the road and again pored over maps and airphotos to try and understand the landscape.

We headed back towards the campsite and pulled off to investigate one of the many many basalt flows in the area.

That is a little chunk of basalt I am holding.

Lolworth Creek where we had a little bit of a snack. We crossed the creek on foot and went up the other side to look at some cool stuff.

Us looking at some basalt.

A cool little place on the way back to the creek and the bus.

These two pictures are of a rock with many many pieces of fossilized coral. Rocks like these are all over the place around that creek, and they are super neat! It is so cool how you can see the structure of the coral and all different types all in that one little rock. Particularily interesting is that this creek is several hundreds of meters above sea level and about 180 km from the coast.

We then went back to camp for lunch. It was very yummy, and after lunch we headed off to Great Basalt Wall National Park and some awesomely weird and alien landscapes. I will leave that to another post, but here is a preview of Red Falls, possibly the weirdest place I have ever seen.


  1. Did you go swimming under the waterfall? Great pics


  2. I really like seeing these school/adventure combination shots! I am so glad that you are not studying calculus or field trip with that! Your photos give me a great feeling for the landscape. I wish I could smell the air and hear the birds and bugs....Keep gobbling all this up.
    ~ j

  3. We did indeed go swimming under the waterfall. After taking a walk around on the basalt, the sun came out a bit and it got pretty hot. The water was really cold, but it was very welcome. The waterfalls were the perfect hight to give a nice massage!