May 16, 2013

Plenty of Adventure

This was a this morning. It was quite fun. It was the JCU Cairns Multicultural Fair! Yay! There were stalls from around the world, with foods to go with them, dancing and music, traditional clothing and all sorts of fun stuff. I had a very tasty bratwurst, and some yummy Norwegian cinnamon roll things. I also tried on a big python named George, held a lizard, and shotput a gumboot more than 18 meters. That was all a prelude to the Australian beer tasting going on, with four beers from around here up for tasting.

I also realized that tomorrow my time I have exactly 2 months left until I leave Australia! Yikes! Still, that two months will be jam packed with all sorts of crazy and amazing adventures. I have reef trips, the Whitsundays, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road, and Sydney all on the menu. So while it is sad, it is also just the beginning of another whole trip really!

This weekend I have a field trip with my geomorphology class going camping for two nights a little ways north of Charters Towers. It should be Awesome!  It should be great for getting some good astrophotos, and also should be full of fun adventures in areas that most people dont get to when they come to Australia. Plus it will be a bit of a road trip as it will take about 6 hours to get there with a stop in Townsville.

Pretty exciting stuff, but now I am going to go play some Ultimate Frisbee, go to the tavern, and then go back home to pack my stuff for an early departure tomorrow!

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  1. you have created such a wonderful adventure!