May 27, 2013

My House

I thought I would do a post to show what my house looks like. It is a really nice place, and I quite enjoy living there.

This is the view coming out the front door.

Guess what this room is.

The living room looking towards the back door.

The living room and kitchen from the back door. My room is on the right in the alcove near the door.

My bedroom.

My bathroom.

The patio/dining room.

Looking towards the pool area from the outer patio.

Looking the other way from the same place as the previous photo.

Peeking around the corner towards the escarpment. As I hope you can see, it is a pretty nice place! I am glad I found it. And I am glad that this is just a five minute walk away.

I have said it before, I will say it again, I will miss this beach.

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