May 23, 2013

Field Trip - The Final Episode

We set off the next morning. We had a long day ahead of us, needing to make it back to Cairns that evening. We were taking the back way to get there along lots of small little roads with cool places to stop and things to see.

It would not be nice to come over the crest of one of these hills and encounter a road train coming in the opposite direction!

We stopped for gas at a tiny roadhouse. This was the only thing along this road in a hundred kilometers in either direction. We needed gas to make it back to the main paved roads, so we stopped to see these two signs.

As you might be able to see, one says open, the other says closed....After about ten minutes a lady came out and said she could sell us fuel. It was pretty pricy!

One of about five vehicles we saw all day.

Still driving.

Looking at the Kangaroo Hills formation. Ancient seabed which has been all squished and thrust up hundreds of meters.

Parked on the side of the road.

Kangaroo Hills formation on the bed of a river.

Dirt road driving.

Driving more.

Aaaand still driving.

Some cool bits of dirt.

On the banks of the Burdekin.

The bridge across the Burdekin.

This road was really not good for the rental van. It sounded like it was going to fall apart.

There was a lot of driving that day...I think you can see the pattern in the pictures...

Looking at some duricrusts.

Our little convoy.

Trying to find the bus...

Wild kangaroos!




Grass and bus.


Smaller road.


Even smaller road.

Scoria cone! Super cool!

Climbing up!

Up the top in the clouds.

Looking around the top.

Descending into the mist.

Heading towards Ingham we descended the escarpment.

One more quick stop later we parted ways with the Townsville folks and split to head north. That was at about 4:30, and after a short fuel stop in Cardwell we arrived back in Cairns around 8:30.

Dust from the roads coating everything in the trailer!

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