March 17, 2013


Today's selection of photos are from my university. James Cook University has several campuses throughout Australia's east coast, as well as one or two campuses in Asia. The campus I am at is the Cairns campus. With about 4000 full time students it is a very small campus, and it is also a very nice campus.

It is nestled up against the hills going up to the tablelands. The surrounding rainforest sneaks its way into the campus along the creeks which run through the grounds. To walk between the furthest buildings from each other takes at most five minutes, almost all of which is along covered walkways which provide shelter both from the sun and more importantly the torrential downpours which occur almost daily, and sometimes hourly.

This first picture is from between two of the main academic buildings looking up towards the hills. When it rains, you cant even see that hill the rain is so thick.

This is the walkway to the lab buildings. This is one of the many bridges on campus over Atika Creek.

This is just a pretty flower.

On the way from the labs to the library. Can you see the picnic table?

That is looking back at the shortcut path from the labs to the library. It is quite green.

This next one is looking from the library towards the main academic buildings. You cant see them, but they are there on the other side of the creek.

This is the main hang out place at the uni. This is where there are ping pong table, giant chess and jenga, a bar, music, the bookshop, cafe, and the refectory. It is called the Boathouse.

One of the seating areas on the way to the boathouse from the library.

The Deck Cafe overlooking the creek.

And finally, the creek. When it is not raining, there is not much in the way of water in it, but within a half hour of it starting to rain, it starts running, and if it rains for a while it really runs.

It is a pretty nice little campus. It is a bit far from the city, but then again, there is not all that much to do in the city if you are not buying a reef trip or drinking, so it is all right! But now I really should get to doing my essay brief....

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