July 27, 2013

Getting Back to Normality

Have faith! I have not abandoned you! I have simply been settling in to life back in the Comox Valley. I have been running around doing things all the time, like haying, refurbishing outdoor furniture, and building a small set of stairs just 13 years after we built the deck they lead down from. I will transfer photos from my little laptop to my desktop this weekend, and that will let me write posts in a lot more comfort, so hang on just a little longer!

In the mean time, here are some pictures from my goings on.

Haying. First of many loads of 150ish bales of hay, each of which weighs about 50 pounds.



Goose Spit.

I have been taking pictures with my camera as well rather than just my cell, but I will do those later as well.

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