July 01, 2013

A Bay Called Byron

Here a bunch of pictures from wanderings around Byron Bay and Lennox Head. Most of these have been from geocaching adventures.

Cape Byron and the lighthouse.

You can just see the lighthouse in this 360 degree panorama. In the middle on the other side of the cape you can see Byron Bay itself.

From Just down the road as the picture above.

Beach on a rough day.

Byron Bay on a nasty day.

Byron Bay on a nice day.

Easternmost point of land on the Australian mainland. Where I was when I took the picture I was the easternmost person in Australia for about 10 minutes.

Tiny Planet projection of the same place. I wasn't going to do one here, so I didn't take the pictures to minimize the pinching effect, but cool none the less I think!

The trail out to the Cape.

The view from just south of Lennox Head on a wet, walk to find a cache. It was gently raining for most of the time, until I got to be 5 km from the house, then it started pissing down biblical amounts of rain...I was very wet walking back.

Lake Ainsworth in Lennox Head.

A beach near the cape.

Most of my time here in Byron has been spent reading, or walking. It has been very nice and relaxed. It has rained most of the days I have been here, a cold rain in contrast to Cairns rain which is odd and warm....After so long in such a warm place it is nice to have a valid reason to get rugged up with a warm blanket and lots of tea and soup and read a book.

I think tomorrow I am off to Brisbane for a few days.

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