February 06, 2013

A Little Update

I know that I have been very sporadic in my postings. There is a reason for it. It takes a very long time to write a post the way I want to write them, and I dont like to do it half way. I have simply been doing to many things over the past little while to write a post. I am currently working on writing one, but that is only half the story, I have to upload and format all the pictures, and then get them all into the post.

Anyhow, here is a brief synopsis of what has been going on since last I wrote. I went to the beach in Sydney, I popped blue-bottles on the sand, I saw live kangaroos, I saw a kangaroo on my plate. I have found things which were hidden, scrambled under a bridge paralleling the sea, and seen spiders so fearsome I ran away. I have gotten rid of a farmers tan, I have gotten a farmers tan back like never before. I have seen blue mountains and black cockatoos. I have seen incredible rain and incredible sun. And I have not written a blog post, but I will.

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